My birth story

August 10, 2016

I have finally found the time to make a post of my delivery, these past few weeks have been very hectic.

I had my regular OB checkup on Wednesday July 13, I was 39 weeks pregnant, the OB suggests that I go into labor the following day! I had a 2 vesel umbilical cord – normal cords have 3 vesels. She said they would induce me and to go to the hospital the following day. This is when reality hit and the nerves started to set in, I’m giving birth a week earlier than expected!

We arrived at the hospital at 6AM, got checked in and then taken to the maternity ward. We got settled in, they hooked me up to the IV and started giving me Pitocin to induce me. During this time I was so nervous my blood pressure was not what it was supposed to be. The nurse asked me if I was nervous, I told her yes that I have never actually been in a hospital before, she told me to relax. Easy for her to say, but I did my best to relax even though I had needles prodding me, this blood pressure cuff inflating what felt like every 30 minutes, the constant beeping monitoring the baby’s hear rate…..So I tried my best to stay calm.

I think it was around 3pm I decided whatever pain I was feeling, I no longer wanted to feel and asked for the epidural. While they were giving me the epidural I was having contractions and had to try my hardest to stay calm and stay still. After getting the epidural I finally started to feel the numbness in my legs, and the pain finally started to subside.

Fast forward to around 4:30pm, the left side of my body was not feeling so numb anymore, the nurse told me to press the button to get another dose of the epidural, after about 20 minutes I started thinking is there anything left in that thing because this pain has not gotten any better. At 5:00 it’s getting to the point where I can’t grin and bear  the pain anymore, then the nurse gives me the worst news I could possibly hear at that moment. “You’re fully dilated and we can’t give you anymore doses of the epidural”. Are you effing kidding me?! I grabbed onto Andrew’s hand and squeezed as hard as I ever have. My mom was also in the room and I grabbed onto her hand as well. It seriously felt like this baby was coming, the weight on my pelvis felt like a 4 ton piece of steel. I was actually falling asleep and then waking up from the pain.

Finally my OB gets in the room and tells me it’s time to start pushing. My whole plan was to not have a natural birth and be drugged up to not feel any pain, but the total opposite happened. I pushed about 5 or 6 times, my husband tells me “she is crowning”…… there’s hope! This will be over soon, I push again and see this baby get pulled from out and that pain I was feeling was no longer there. I couldn’t have been happier, my baby is here and the pain is finally gone!

Arya Starley Tomchik, arrived at 5:33 on July 14th





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