We’re expecting a little one

December 28, 2015

We’re expecting a little one!! We found out about a month ago but didn’t want to break the news until the first prenatal checkup to verify everything is okay with the little one. We are beyond excited and can’t wait to meet him or her. We will also be having a summer baby – fun for me [insert sarcasm here] and right around the time to celebrate my birthday! Would be really cool and really weird if I happen to deliver on my birthday – it’s pretty damn close… only 3 days from mine.

The whole reason for this blog wasn’t just for me to blab about myself and Andrew, I knew we were planning on trying to have a baby soon and wanted to have everything ready and setup to document my pregnancy journey 🙂  It’s awesome to have digital memories.



2 thoughts on “We’re expecting a little one

  1. Lee and Andrew! I stumbled upon your blog from a Google alert I get when my maiden name “Tomchik” pops up! I was in PR so set up this alert years ago to be notified when I’m in the news. Funny that I even looked into your post. But…., the reason I am writing is because I too am due to have a baby this July! It’s our 2nd baby to add to our little family of our 2 year old daughter. I just had to share since I thought it some kind of fate to have found you thru the power of the Internet! Wonder if we are related some how. My grandparents Elizabeth and William Tomchik came from Czechoslovakia between WW1 and WW2 – they settled in northeast Philadelphia! Well, happy to e-meet you and congrats on the exciting news!

    • Lee Tomchik says:

      Hi Tracy,

      Looking into this have a few questions to ask my father-in-law to find out. I do know they are also from Czechoslovakia. My husband’s grandfather’s name is Stephen Tomchik, I know he mentioned something about Connecticut but will verify that. Will be exciting if you are related!! 🙂 Congratulations to you also, when in July are you due?

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