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October 6, 2015

This is a lost post, totally forgot to hit publish after writing it – must have been the wedding jitters, 100 invitations to press.

I was so excited when my plates from BoxCarPress came, then came time to start inking and that’s when all that excitement started to wear off! Inking is the most frustrating part of letterpress for me.

After a few trial runs through the press (the first few runs were not pretty, too much over inking and also not enough ink on the rollers) this is what it looks like when that starts happening..

Overinking like a 'mo!

Before – Overinking like a ‘mo!

The only way to remedy this is to clean the ink off the rollers and clean the ink off the plate and start over! Which is exactly what I had to do, I started to think – do I really want to make these invitations.. am I crazy for doing this?!

I am always up for a challenge, I couldn’t give up and I didn’t. This was the result, not too shabby 😉


After – much better!


After – so happy with results!


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