38 weeks

July 6, 2016

38 weeks today and it seriously feels like it’s taking forever, when I was told the last few weeks were the hardest that was seriously no joke. We were supposed to be moving by the end of July which was after the little one gets here. But we decided that would be a bit hectic and now we are trying to move to a new place by the beginning of July. I am super excited about because I finally get to setup her nursery and finally an excuse to go to IKEA!

We are pretty stocked up with the things we need, have a good amount of cloth diapers but I am ordering more for her every other week. So far the brands that I have gotten are Grovia, Kangacare, Lalabye Baby, Bum Genius (pocket diapers) Thirsties covers and Grovia pre-folds. After prepping the inserts, the brand that I am not super thrilled about is bum genius, the quality just feels very cheap compared to the others but we will see how well they hold up when she’s in them.



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