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Coloring & Game of Thrones

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Andrew and I are huge Game of Thrones fans, I decided to get the coloring book - I miss coloring so much been over 10 years since I have colored anything. I really like the coloring book, just a few things that disappointed me... Where is Jon? No sign of Jon besides his sword and who I think may be Ghost but could honestly be any of the wolves. No Arya, no Danny?! That one really took me by surprise, ...

Invitations and other blabberings

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This is a lost post, totally forgot to hit publish after writing it - must have been the wedding jitters, 100 invitations to press. I was so excited when my plates from BoxCarPress came, then came time to start inking and that's when all that excitement started to wear off! Inking is the most frustrating part of letterpress for me. After a few trial runs through the press (the first few runs were not pretty, too much over inking and also ...

Saving the date and keeping my sanity

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After all that time after making my save the date cards, I never got around to putting them in envelopes and mailing them out. Sounds so easy to do but when it comes down to the nitty gritty it ain't. I wanted to press our address on the envelopes instead of printing them out (seemed too blah to me), finally got the plates (yay!) and got them pressed. But then I ran into a dilemma, the envelopes looked way too boring ...

For my bridesmaids

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I have been working on something very special for my two very best friends Karla and Nerisse. Karla, is my Maid of Honor (known her since we were little youngings at 4, my homie 4 life) So being the creative maniac that I am.. I decided instead of calling her up and giving her the details, I'm mailing it to her (since they both live so far away from me) in the form of a keepsake. The book has been prepped, ...

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