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My dear husband keeps telling me to let go of my 20 year old rock music – this consists of Korn, Staind, System of a Down and the list goes on.

So I decided to try out some of the new music – I have been using Google Play Radio to discover new music and so far I like what I hear.

Here is my rock playlist for Fall, even though we don’t really have a “Fall season” here in sunny South Florida – we can still imagine 😉

  • In Between – Beartooth
  • Can you feel my heart – Bring me the horizon
  • You want a Battle? (Here’s a War) – Bullet for my Valentine
  • Cut the cord – Shinedown
  • Throne – Bring me the horizon
  • Defame Me – New Year Day
  • The Divine Zero – Pierce The Viel
  • Lydia – Highly Suspect
  • Gravity – Papa Roach
  • Angel – Theory of A Deadman (Hubby’s favorite)
  • Drop Dead Cynical – Amaranthe

Sunday funday!

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Sunday has got to be the one day of the week I despise the most, but I always try to make the best of it by spending some quality time with my love. Today we made dinner together, it was delicious. We made Bruschetta, chicken alfredo – we had some sweet potatoes and decided to add some marshmallows to the mix. Reminds me of Thanksgiving…. yummers!

Everything was very delicious especially the sweet potatoes, as I’m typing this post I am craving more. I completely forgot to take any pics of it, by 10pm I was wiped out from cooking – those Margaritas didn’t help much either 😉




Invitations and other blabberings

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This is a lost post, totally forgot to hit publish after writing it – must have been the wedding jitters, 100 invitations to press.

I was so excited when my plates from BoxCarPress came, then came time to start inking and that’s when all that excitement started to wear off! Inking is the most frustrating part of letterpress for me.

After a few trial runs through the press (the first few runs were not pretty, too much over inking and also not enough ink on the rollers) this is what it looks like when that starts happening..

Overinking like a 'mo!

Before – Overinking like a ‘mo!

The only way to remedy this is to clean the ink off the rollers and clean the ink off the plate and start over! Which is exactly what I had to do, I started to think – do I really want to make these invitations.. am I crazy for doing this?!

I am always up for a challenge, I couldn’t give up and I didn’t. This was the result, not too shabby 😉


After – much better!


After – so happy with results!

Saving the date and keeping my sanity

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After all that time after making my save the date cards, I never got around to putting them in envelopes and mailing them out. Sounds so easy to do but when it comes down to the nitty gritty it ain’t. I wanted to press our address on the envelopes instead of printing them out (seemed too blah to me), finally got the plates (yay!) and got them pressed.

But then I ran into a dilemma, the envelopes looked way too boring to me, so I decided to press the envelopes a 2nd time, and then a 3rd (yea I can’t seem to make up my mind) to add just a little touch to the graphic. I think they came out well considering the weight of the envelope is only 70lb.


The work isn’t even beginning, I still have to make the official invitations and make it in enough time to get my plates made for it. Plus all the other non invitation wedding things that need to be taken care of. I never realized how hard it was to plan a wedding, but I am going to make the best of it. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the save the date cards.

There were a lot of trial runs with the press, to the point of frustration but I finally got my inking down pact and almost perfect. I’m actually sick today but I couldn’t sit still and looking over at those un-printed envelopes was driving me insane! Hopefully my next post will consist of some venue photos (my mom is doing a kick-ass job), it is gorgeous!

It’s finally here, the new theme!!

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Wow after weeks of going back and forth, the new theme is here!!!!! I won’t say blood, sweat and tears went into this but definitely a lot of sweating and cussing at the screen more than anything else. This theme was made by yours truly 🙂

It was time for me to get back into making WordPress themes, it has been too long. This was a lot of fun, Andrew and I went back and forth with the header. Finally decided to use a cork board since we don’t really have any professional photos (that will be coming soon though)

I hope that you like and also hope that you will visit the site. I am happy to be blogging again, especially since I have something useful to blog about. I am still adding content in, I had to get the site up today so deal with the lack of content on some pages for now 🙂

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